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Prince offers discretionary portfolio management services which are designed to free its client from regular involvement. We provide exclusive global portfolio management service for each and every client and ensure it suits our client’s needs, investment objectives and risk profile while, in our full discretion, making and implementing investment decisions for the client.


Global Asset Allocation

Discretionary Portfolios

As for global asset allocation, subject to client’s agreement, the portfolio theoretically can range from pure bond to pure equity portfolio but usually is positioned in between with or without alternative investments. Regional or other preferences can be reflected on the portfolio construction and diversification.


The discretionary portfolios are managed by our experienced investment professionals using both top-down and bottom-up approaches to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns and are subject to continuous monitoring and tactical asset allocation.

We apply differentiated and communicative approach for every portfolio construction and management with the understanding that no two clients are the same and they want their feedbacks to be considered one way or the other.

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