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Prince's investment approach derived from the global tactical asset allocation strategy follows a hierarchy of decision-making.

Investment Approach

We evaluate the relative attractiveness of a variety of asset classes in the global market. Within each asset class, we access the relative attractiveness of regions and countries. For selected regions, we occasionally make evaluations regarding sector and style. We also access the relative attractiveness of currencies. Finally, for portfolios that allow us to utilize alternative investments, we evaluate such opportunistic assets accordingly.


Investment Views

Our investment views are the result of rigorous fundamental research and analysis conducted   by   our   investment team. The input to the process includes macroeconomic, market, sector and company data. We use a flexible approach that employs both quantitative and qualitative techniques, which allows us to evaluate a comprehensive set of information and develop appropriate investment views. This flexible approach distinguishes us from traditional quantitative methods.


Decision Hierarchy

At    each    level   of the decision hierarchy, our investment team utilizes a variety of quantitative and qualitative measures to determine the relative attractiveness of asset classes, markets, sectors and styles. Our analysis is based on a strict adherence to a three-pronged assessment of valuation, dynamics and technology.

Our Investment Committee comprised of key investment professionals as well as CEO meets regularly and on ad-hoc basis to ensure continuous top-down strategy review and provide inputs at each step of the investment process.

Investment Committee

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